• Roman Signer

    Roman Signer

    Video& Film
    Publishing Time:2015.01.30
    Exhibition Time:2014.10.23-2014.11.23


  • Forever Mark

    Forever Mark

    He Jie's Solo Exhibition
    Publishing Time:2014.07.25
    Exhibition Time:2014.03.30-2014.04.30

    The exhibition intends to display the newest series of He Jie’s artworks. The most outstanding approach of series is the dramatization and stage of ideological scene that leads to a metaphorical link between recollective episodes and present truth.


  • Fang Lijun

    Fang Lijun

    Fang Lijun Solo Exhibition
    Publishing Time:2014.04.23
    Exhibition Time:2013.10.12-2013.12.12

    Fang Lijun's solo exhibition "Fang Lijun 2013," curated by Gary G. Xu.


  • Budi Solo Exhibition

    Budi Solo Exhibition

    Publishing Time:2014.01.20
    Exhibition Time:2013.12.07-2014.03.09

    Budi Born in 1970. studied painting with his father since chilhood, keen on Chinese traditional culture and the arts, especially Buddhism, he then spent years researching and collecting them.


  • Shi Hu Solo Exhibition

    Shi Hu Solo Exhibition

    Publishing Time:2013.11.01
    Exhibition Time:2013.10.11-2013.10.29

    This is the largest solo exhibition Shi Hu has ever had since he engaged in art creation. Altogether there are thousands of works occupying five exhibition halls in NAMOC including scripts, calligraphy, ink painting, heavy-color painting and other forms of art which is really a feast for the eyes.


  • Wu Men Chu Yu

    Wu Men Chu Yu

    Shang Yang Solo Exhibition
    Publishing Time:2013.10.23
    Exhibition Time:2013.09.11-2013.10.24

    The Shang Yang solo exhibition Shang Yang’s Art in Suzhou will open at the Suzhou Museum on September, 2013.


  • The Same

    The Same

    New works of Lin Tianmiao 2011
    Publishing Time:2013.09.11
    Exhibition Time:2011.12.17-2012.02.26

    Lin Tianmiao, one of the most internationally renowned female artist in Chinese contemporary art community.


  • My Personal Universe

    My Personal Universe

    Zhan Wang Solo Exhibition
    Publishing Time:2012.01.12
    Exhibition Time:2011.11.19-2012.02.25

    While scientists turn to the Large Hadron Collider to examine the universe’s origins, Beijing artist Zhan Wang takes a more contemplative approach.